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Matt Robertson - Interests


I have been fortunate to grow up in an entrepreneurial family as both of my parents run their own small businesses. Whether we were at Disneyland or a baseball game, my father would always ask me the question, what is the business model? Through the exchanges, he would always come up with an angle that I had not considered. These challenges served me well when I went to New York City for Startup Weekend. For those not familiar with Startup Weekend, they are 54-hour business incubation marathons, where you compete against other teams to develop the best business ideas. You can learn more about Startup Weekend by visiting www.startupweekend.org.


My interest in technology initially occurred because I was attracted to the similarities between technology and sports. First, success seldom occurs on a whim. Successful athletes spend thousands of hours in the gym and on the field refining their moves, endurance, and strength. Technologists spend an equal amount of time refining their problem-solving skills and endurance to tackle tough problems. Both require a level of tenacity to go the distance to obtain a goal.


McIntire Investment Institute (MII)

When I was thirteen, my parents surprised me when they took me downtown for a birthday lunch.  After my meal, they handed me an envelope full of one dollar bills. They wanted me to look at it and physically hold it in my hand. My father told me to enjoy looking at it because I would be taking it next door to a brokerage company to open an account.


Athletics have always played a significant role in my life. I played all the traditional sports at various stages of my childhood including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. I learned to snowboard and water ski before grade school. My brothers and I have always enjoyed the epic jumps and falls that go along with the board sports. I have recently tried surfing, but found myself unable to stay on the board with much grace. In high school, I lettered in football, in-door track, and lacrosse.


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    Hello, my name is Matt Robertson. I love developing new skills, helping others and traveling around the world. I’m a very self-driven, competitive and tenacious individual. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Economics. I now work as an Analyst within Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Sales & Trading Division in New York City.

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Video Interview

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    I desired a summer internship in 2013. Read about my accolades and attributes, and check out a video I made to help prospective employers get to know me better.

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