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Athletics have always played a significant role in my life. I played all the traditional sports at various stages of my childhood including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. I learned to snowboard and water ski before grade school. My brothers and I have always enjoyed the epic jumps and falls that go along with the board sports. I have recently tried surfing, but found myself unable to stay on the board with much grace. In high school, I lettered in football, in-door track, and lacrosse.

While I was honored to win several awards for my lacrosse performance, my fondest memories of high school athletics came from playing on the same team as my brother. I played goalie while he played attack so it always gave my parents a reason to stay tuned in to the game. Given the hundreds of hours we practiced in our backyard, it was always an amazing feeling when we each played well and it all came together in a big game.

After high school, I was recruited by Colgate University to play goalie. I left for Hamilton, New York, a picturesque college town in upstate New York. I did not know a single person at the school so it felt like I was dropping into a new world. I quickly met incredibly talented and diverse people from all parts of the world. I grew especially close with my teammates and my hall mates, as those were the people I saw most frequently. The university was truly a great learning experience for me in so many more ways than just those related to my academics.

While I enjoyed my time at Colgate, I wanted to return to my home state for a chance to play at the University of Virginia and focus on new academic interests. I was fortunate enough to make the team, and I have found the team to be one of the tightest, most driven group of people I have encountered in sports. The UVA team has a rich history of impressive performances including five National Championships.

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    Hello, my name is Matt Robertson. I love developing new skills, helping others and traveling around the world. I’m a very self-driven, competitive and tenacious individual. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Economics. I now work as an Analyst within Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Sales & Trading Division in New York City.

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    I desired a summer internship in 2013. Read about my accolades and attributes, and check out a video I made to help prospective employers get to know me better.

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