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McIntire Investment Institute (MII)

When I was thirteen, my parents surprised me when they took me downtown for a birthday lunch.  After my meal, they handed me an envelope full of one dollar bills. They wanted me to look at it and physically hold it in my hand. My father told me to enjoy looking at it because I would be taking it next door to a brokerage company to open an account.

Over the next hour, I met with a broker who gave me a crash course on the stock market. He was patient, given that fact that I only had enough money to buy a few lower priced shares. The experience got me interested in the stock market and I have always tried to learn more about it outside of my school activities.

At UVA, I joined the McIntire Investment Institute (MII). Through the club, students run a long-short equity fund with a portfolio currently valued at approximately $580,000. As an associate in the investment club, I am responsible for closely monitoring certain stocks in our portfolio and giving an update memo on select companies every two weeks.

I am also responsible for leading my associate team, comprised of six student analysts who help compile information for these bi-weekly memos. Their information consists of market news, developments within the firms or their competitors, and any other changes that would affect our thesis point opinions on the stocks.

You can learn more about the McIntire Investment Institute at http://orgs.comm.virginia.edu/mii/website/index.html

MII presentations and Associate memos
(Copies presentations available upon request)


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    Hello, my name is Matt Robertson. I love developing new skills, helping others and traveling around the world. I’m a very self-driven, competitive and tenacious individual. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Economics. I now work as an Analyst within Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Sales & Trading Division in New York City.

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Video Interview

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    I desired a summer internship in 2013. Read about my accolades and attributes, and check out a video I made to help prospective employers get to know me better.

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